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  • : January 2015 I traveled to Austria to a small town called Zell Am See (Europe). I grabbed my GoPro and some other accesoires and created this arm on top of my helmet. Concept First of all, this video was unplanned. It was a experiment were I used a extension arm on my ski helmet with a GoPro attached to it. When we viewed the footage we couldn't stop laughing. I had to figure out a way to create a movie with those shots with this video as the result. Editing Before I start editing, I always choose the music I want to use. I knew this track called "Dance or Die" by Starcadian. What I loved was the tempo of this track. I don't know exactly why but because it's so fast it somehow became more funnier. Within maybe 1 hour the edit was finished and I could work on the graphics. Graphics This video needed two things, graphical transitions and a frozen background. For the transitions I used "shape layers" in After Effects. Then I applied them to my footage by using "Track mattes". For the title screens I used a ice texture with a lot of blending modes, blur effects and a displacement map for the distortion effect on the background photo. Final Touch The great thing about the Adobe Creative Suite is that it all works together. Here you can see a screenshot of my Premiere project. The Orange bar is my After Effects composition import in Premiere. I was able to add and adjust graphics and titles without having to render the whole thing. 100% shot with GoPro! I shot the video a 2.7K 4:3 at 25 frames per second. For more making off information, photos and extras check my website. Photos from my trip to Thailand and the Etna volcano at Italy are on my website for you to enjoy. Please share your GoPro photos, can't wait to see them. A film by: Niels ten Hulsen Music: Starcadian "Dance or Die" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sat... Camera: Hero 4 Black. Riders: Niels ten Hulsen & Maurits den Dunnen instagram.com/niels.tenhulsen The effects and transitions were created in Adobe After Effects. Edited in Adobe Premiere. In the nearby future I will created some "How To" and video tutorials about creating motion graphics.
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  • : And you ? Do you prefer cycling or skiing ? On the photo,i'm riding my road bike and my sister is skiing !
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  • : Backcountry Snowboarding - Sun Peaks. Great powder day in the Sun Peaks backcountry. Watch in HD! Please SUBSCRIBE!! More videos to come soon!
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  • : A sunny weekend with friends!!! There is no such a feeling like this!
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  • : Chopok in Slovakia
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  • : Amazing week in the french alps! Skiing is always fun and the mountain landscapes are beautiful!
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  • : A day of skiing at Alagna Monterosa Ski. It was a perfectly sunny day, but there was also much wind. Enjoy!
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  • : *** Follow my adventures at http://www.ludovicfarine.com *** Come and join us doing some Telemark Skiing in the Alps ! And don't miss an unexpected end! Le Grand-Bornand, France.
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  • : I love our beautiful sceneries, especially in High Tatras. Season 2014/2015
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  • : A brilliant skiing weekend with my friends.
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  • : Shots by GoPro HERO 2 and GoPro HERO 3 black edition. One week in Savoy Alps in France - Orcieres 1850. ENJOY Movie and don't forget to switch to 720p/1080p ! Song - Diplo - Revolution (Unlike Pluto Remix) [Free] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rTcU... Channel - Proximity Video has been made in Pinnacle Studio 17.
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  • : 100% shot by GoPro HERO 2. One week in czech mountains Jeseniky (Ski Říčky) while livin´ in Žamberk. ENJOY! Switch to 720p/1080p Copyright on music: I Want You Back - The Jackson 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGDyA... © The Island Def Jam Music Group (UMG) The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K56so... © Warner Music Group (WMG) Video has been made in Pinnacle Studio 17.
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  • : Skiing off piste on fresh powder at Ax 3 Domaines in the French Pyrenees with my brother. Filmed 100% with the GoPro Hero 3 HD White Edition, mounted on the helmet, 960p 30fp. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, slowmotion done with Twixtor.
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  • : Channel Trailer: Awesome footage shoot 100% with GoPro. Surfing, Snowmobiling, Skiing, Windsurfing, Cross-Country skiing, training, running, fitness, time-lapse, super slow motion clips (twixtor), diving and more!!! GoPro HERO, HERO3 and HERO4 in this video. Locations: Hafjell, Fetsund, Svolvær | Norway Riksgränsen | Sweden Toblach | Italy Rhodes | Greece
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