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  • : Kids sure have a way of enjoying simple things in life. That's my son feeling really happy in the park, filmed with the GoPro Hero entry level 129$ camera at dusk. Soundtrack: Bike Rides - The Green Orbs (available for free at https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music).
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  • : Hello all, this is a time lapse at its original resolution as it came out of the camera.. no color editing was made, i just speed it up 4x compared to the original video speed. The time lapse is shot in Andalucia, Spain, awesome location for landscape photography or video.
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  • : Having some fun with my son in the park is the best way to test some more the GoPro entry level camera. He enjoyed it a lot as you can see. Music by Jason Farnham - Get outside - free on Youtube Creator Channel.
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  • : GoPro Hero entry level camera, daylight samples. I did no processing to the video clips, just put them together in Final Cut and exported. It is definitely a daylight camera, the results in low light or indoor are rather poor. Otherwise a very cool little gadget that allows you to capture everyday life glimpses.
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  • : Shot entirely with the GoPro Hero 2014 entry level, indoor with available light. That's the Christmas fun we had this year, hope all of you are doing well and waiting to see those videos you've made for Christmas.
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  • : Trying to see what results you can get in the mid-day sun when you have very bright areas in the sun and very dark ones in the shadows. The result is not bad for a rather cheap camera.
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  • : This is just a first video to test this small entry level camera which i just received and i'm thrilled with the results. Towards the end of the video the ambient light was dimmed but the camera tried to compensate and that is affecting the overall sharpness of the image. Still, the value for the money is very high and i think i will have lots of fun with it. Subscribe to my channel for more to come!
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