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  • : I love constant adventure, through exploration and travel. This June, my focus was on capturing the best sights and experiences of London. If you're looking for ideas or inspiration for a Eurotrip, an interrail experience, a city escape, or simply love the city of London, I hope you enjoy my little slice that I've captured. Filmed primarily on my new GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Edited in Final Cut Pro 10 and timed to some of my favourite summer tunes. Please like/comment, and, if you're the excitable sort, share. Cameos from myself, friends, family and chihuahua. Happy to share the locations of anywhere included in the film. Just comment with the timestamp of where you're interested 🙂
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  • : During our stay in Krabi, Thailand we went to see Snake show. We filmed how King Cobra is trying to attack two guys from audience. Later, you can see Cobra dance. 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/GoProMoment https://twitter.com/GoproMy https://www.pinterest.com/GoProMoment/
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  • : One day trip to beautiful Dubrovnik Croatia in October 2014. You will see Old Walls of Dubrovnik 3 hour walking tour with our GoPro camera; trying to capture beauty of this great place. After walls visit we went to Srđ (amazing mountain above Dubrovnik). As you can see its great view of Dubrovnik and close by Croatian islands. Here is our Dubrovnik GoPro Moment 2014 postcard. Enjoy and stay tuned for more video! Maja and Diano http://www.pinterest.com/GoProMoment/ https://www.facebook.com/GoProMoment https://twitter.com/GoproMy Music: Deep House Mix 44 2014 HD Best Deep Lounge Chill Music 100% with GoPro Hero3+ Black
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  • : Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and has a population of over 8 million people. Our Trip to Bangkok and Thailand in 2014-2015 was amazing! Our journey started with 3 nights in Bangkok. We went on Chao Phraya River cruise, visited glorious Grand Palace, Wat Prakaew and Wat Pho. Climbed up to Gold Mountain and enjoyed Sea Life Aquarium. Our accommodation was on Khao San Road - best backpackers street in the world! Allow us to share this postcard from Bangkok with you. Stay tuned for more Thailand 2015! Maja & Diano http://www.pinterest.com/GoProMoment/ https://www.facebook.com/GoProMoment https://twitter.com/GoproMy Music : "Joonas Hahmo-Gold Rush (Original Mix)", New Media Music 100% with GoPro Hero3+ Black
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  • : This GoPro time-lapse video was shot and edited by Lynn Hemeon
  • : GoPro Hero 3+

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  • : This GoPro time-lapse video was shot and edited by Lynn Hemeon
  • : GoPro Hero 3+

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  • : Yarmouth Harbor full of boats getting ready for the upcoming 6 month Lobster season. This video was shot entirely with a GoPro camera and edited by Lynn Hemeon
  • : GoPro Hero 3+

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