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                物理学系安钧鸿学术报告的通知(Physics Department Colloquium)

                编辑:沈一乐 来源:物理学系 时间:2021年03月23日 访问次数:0  源地址

                题目:Floquet engineering in quantum systems

                报告人:安钧鸿 兰州大学物理科学与技术学院   

                地点: 教十二—201

                时间: 326日,周五,15:30-16:30



                Floquet engineering, i.e., coherent control via periodic driving, has become a highly versatile tool in quantum control. The main idea resides in that the concept of energy spectrum in static systems can be completely inherited as the quasienergy spectrum in periodically driven systems according to Floquet theory. Many efforts have been devoted to explore non-trivial effects induced by periodic driving on quantum systems. In this talk, I will report that interesting nonequilibrium quantum phase transitions (QPTs) can be triggered by engineering non-trivial band-gap structure and bound states in the quasi-energy spectrum using periodic driving. I will clarify this idea by two examples. One is to induce exotic topological QPT in both of Hermitian and non-Hermitian systems by periodic driving. A widely tunable number of topologically protected edge modes can be generated by a well-designed periodic driving, which relaxes greatly the experimental realization in the static case and improve the controllability of topological states of matter. Another is to induce non-equilibrium QPT in the total system consisting of open system and its environment by periodic driving. It is found that whenever the QPT manifested by the formation of midgap states in the quasienergy spectrum occurs, the decoherence of the open system can be suppressed. This opens an avenue to control decoherence by periodic driving.