Abandonedplaces from above

Abandonedplaces from above

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  • : Abandoned Places Drone & Cam op: Andy P. Colorist: Ruben Rosado Music: City of the fallen - Affliction Sunday, dry, hot afternoon. I pulled up to a car with all windows down and front drivers door opened. A guard half way asleep stands up. He slowly walks towards my car...right hand resting on his holster. A man of age...Sweat slowly moving through his face...his very dark deep eyes, can tell they were filled with Life's experiences, whether good or bad who knows...You already know what my question was...of course I didn't get permission to go into this abandoned prison and shoot. So, I said to myself let's go into plan B. A perfect huge tree sat in the middle of a trashy parking lot. The cracked concrete and tall grass said it's been a while since a vehicle had its presence there. I slowly moved under the shades...Perfect location for camouflage, shift into park mode, pulled the black suitcase from the trunk, removed its source, I look around and quickly scout the location, I flipped the switch on button...wait a few seconds and balanced the drone for accurate GPS location. As its lights quickly start flashing green, one last time I look at my surroundings and make sure all systems are go for take off. I gently press my throttles up and go into stealth shooting mode. The out come is a bird's eye view of a place that once was and now is not, or who knows how many souls lurk behind these walls.
  • : GoPro Hero 3+



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